The future of urban infrastructure technology

Smart lighting system
Our first product is a smart street lighting system, which includes smart lights and a web platform.
Smart lights
When working at full capacity is unnecessary, the smart lighting system automatically dims the lights. In its turn, when the motion sensor is triggered, the brightness is automatically increased. All the nearing devices get the same command.
Web platform
Lighting devices are managed via an easy-to-use online platform, where you can track system failures, collect energy usage statistics, and set up operation schedules.
Street lights uniot
Working on an independent schedule
The bracket's angle of inclination can be adjusted by ± 90 °
Data transmission on instantaneous power consumption
Voltage, current, and temperature sensors of electronic components and diode
Integrated LED controller and 868 MHz LoRA antenna
Smooth brightness change from 0 to 100% (dimming)
High-efficiency LED SMD matrices not less than 140 lm/watt
Lightweight aluminium body
Lighting control web platform
Do you get a demonstration of all the possibilities of the platform?
Versatility and security
Statistics and monitoring
Remote accounting and control
Search for the devices on the map, group them, set up different control programs for each.
Accounting and management of all the connected devices in a single web platform.
Monitoring the flashlight's operation and collecting data on power consumption, LED temperature, and other factors.
Groups, serial numbers, dates, tags, and companies are used to create and export statistical data.
We connect various intelligent devices, such as lighting, parking, electricity meters, gas detectors, and others in a single network.
Displaying errors and faults in real-time.
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Our Advantages
You can extend the functionality of the uniot solution by using sensors and components from other manufacturers.
System autonomy
Even in remote areas with inadequate internet coverage, uniot can implement smart lighting solutions.
Energy saving
The system saves energy by dimming streetlights when there is no traffic and automatically brightening them when detecting the movement.
Longer service life
Smart flashlights have low LED degradation and thus last longer.
uniot smart ecosystem
The uniot team creates innovative products and solutions that make life in the city more convenient.

The system reports unauthorized sewer hatch openings and provides an alarm as well as coordinates.

Control of sewer hatch openings
Garbage collection control
Innovative control sensors assist in optimizing and avoiding disruptions in the garbage collection schedule.

The sensors regulate parking spaces, monitor usage, and collect statistics.
Smart parking
That allows for collecting data on the number of resources used and monitoring the state of infrastructure and residential communications.

Automatic data collection from utility meters
Air and water quality monitoring
Sensors monitor air and water quality to prevent waste emissions and warn of the dangerously high concentrations of harmful compounds.
Gas analyzers monitor the air quality in the room and send an alarm if there is a leakage.

Control of gas leaks
About the company
uniot is an innovative Ukrainian company that develops technological solutions that connect the city's infrastructure into a single, smart system and aid its efficient use.

We aim to make lives of people living in the city better with technology.

To that end, we create technological solutions that connects urban infrastructure, helping people use it effectively & efficiently.

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